Hi Doctor,

My name is Anthony Scianni and I work with the Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) and Dave Gergen. At the ASBA annual meeting, we had a breakout session which covered how to partner with the PPHA and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) to treat players in your local area for OSA and general dental care and bring your practice to the next level. A lot of you had questions because you missed the session hosted by Dave Gergen, Roy Green, Derek Kennard and myself. For those who missed the session or still have questions, the following is a synopsis of our program.

There are over hundreds of former players who have benefits for sleep apnea and general dental care who reside in your local area. When these players need treatment, they are referred to one of our network dentists. For sleep apnea, if they do not have their own medical insurance the NFLPA pays for their appliance and the lab fee. For general dental care, they have a 100 /80/50 plan with a $2000 max. Periodically in each of the major cities, the players go through a full medical screening which is run by the Living Heart Foundation (LHF) and its HOPE program sponsored by the NFLPA. We, the Pro Player Health Alliance have partnered with the LHF and perform the sleep apnea screenings at these events. Our local network dentists perform the screenings and then any player that tests positive for OSA is referred to their local network dentist for treatment. We are also dedicated to integrating education and raising sleep apnea awareness to the general public, in a fun and memorable way through public awareness events which features our local network dentist, former and active players. In addition to the sleep apnea campaign, the PPHA will be the sole administrator for the NFLPA general dental benefit fund. For either program, players will only be referred to our network dentists.

Our mission is to help our “Network dentists” achieve their marketing goals and strategic communication objectives by using our “NFL Player” relationships and by providing the tools, education and events to assist in growing their practices. We deliver the highest levels of professionalism and experience.

Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) is committed to delivering informed educational services based on superior industry knowledge, a real understanding of the issues that affect both our “Network dentists” and their patients, and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our “Network dentists” marketing objectives, producing results that directly and positively impact their business goals. PPHA is also committed to providing an informal yet professional working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm. PPHA culture and philosophy are based on a “no nonsense” approach to marketing and education which will bring out awareness and a positive impact for patients’ lives and your practice.

The Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) is an organization dedicated to helping former NFL players, by providing testing and treatment options for those who suffer from sleep apnea. And now, general dental care. The PPHA is also dedicated to integrating education and raising sleep apnea awareness to the general public, in a fun and memorable way. The PPHA was created by David Gergen, President of Gergen’s Orthodontic Laboratories and Former NFL legends to help improve the health of current and former professional athletes as well as the general public by promoting sleep apnea awareness across the country.  Please visit us @ www.proplayersleep.org

There has never been better opportunity to bring your dental practice to the next level. Do not miss this once in a life time opportunity to work with the Pro Player Health Alliance and former NFL legends. We provide many membership benefits such as our education, marketing plan, NFL Player relationships and the use of the various Logos of the PPHA and the NFLPA. This alone is worth the price of admission. We can also provide financing for your membership.

We have a limited number of memberships available and once an area is sold it will not be offered for sale again.

If you would like to join the NFL Dental Network or have any further questions, please email me at tscianni@earthlink.net or call me on 732-995-6018.

Thank you,

Anthony Scianni